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Rng 2018-2018

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Let the past die; it was beef that killed the clanworld in the first place Aya.





not surprised, this game is so shit and dead

Nah, the game is still doing well and there has been an increase in players due to mobile. If anything, just the clan world is falling apart. 



should have been more specific but yh thats what i meant. still wondering whether those increase in players are just multiple accs or what


Ah, alright. There has definitely been an increase in the influx of players without alts due to mobile. As for the clan world, I was pking with a streamer named Lil Cards today, and he had like around 70 ppl with him (all levels), so I think there's still some hope for the clan world as new ppl get introduced to clanning.


That's not really clanning mate, it's more just pking. It's nothing like it was at all.






Yeah, that's true. I still enjoyed it though lol



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