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With regards to the content on this forum

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While we pefer to distance ourselves from posting topics on RSC, we do make an effort to post reviews of our fights on here, including our losses. CWA fights with teams are a deviation from this norm since we see such events as being more like sparring sessions at best. Contests with other clans will always be posted, however, whether they be in the wilderness or CWA.


We always try to give other clans credit where it's due, while we also try to ensure accuracy with regards to starting/ending options. If there is an inaccuracy, by all means bring it up in the relevant topic or via PM. Remember that each clan experiences a different visual point of view throughout the duration of a fight, so of course there is going to be a contrast in perspectives occassionally when considering how most of what a clan sees is the momentum of their own pile.


Feel free to post here at will. Just because you are on our forums doesn't mean that you'll be greeted with any baits in fight topics. In fact, you'll find that moderation of that is stricter here than on RSC. With that in mind, you will likely encounter posters here that are from various diferent clans, so just to be clear, we will not tolerate any toxic bickering on here. You don't have to like other clans, but try to find a way to respect where they are coming from and to at least tolerate them (on here).


If it helps, consider the fact that for each time one of their RSC posts is mocked/laughed at on your TS/IRC that they are doing the same thing about some posts by members of your clans, too. Every clan has at least a small minority that lack people skills and social etiquette, yet this to often leads to generalisations and snowballs into beef on a grander scale. Remember also that on RSC you are literally combining politics with raw competition given that warring on this game is practically an "e-sport" for all intents and purposes. To make matters worse, just like in world history, the story is written by the winner(s)! Beef is perpetuated and RSC becomes an arena to rehash old grudges spanning x years as a result. Nevertheless, we don't want to see that being brought to our boards.


Thank you for dropping by.

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